I took these photos right after we finished painting this room. Before we even got the kitchen cabinets done on the other side of the room. And as of now they are the only photos I have taken of our new house with my "real" camera. Since taking these photos we have made a few changes and also have a few more we plan on making but for now here are some photos of the changes in this space we made by adding our furniture and just simply painting the trim...well, maybe not so simply! Haha - it took FOREVER. For four straight days my mother-in-law and I painted endlessly. First we primed all of the woodwork with Zinzer 1-2-3 and then we used Benjamin Moore's London Fog in their aura line in a semi-gloss finish and did two coats of that. At least the painting part was much easier going than the priming part.

Here's a before:

And here it was after we painted. You can see the wires where we removed the ceiling fan. I haven't decided yet what I am going to put in it's place for a light fixture. It depends on what I go with to replace the sconces. The sconces are driving me crazy - they are so small for that spot. I have been hunting for a replacement for them and think I may have found something that's worth trying although I haven't decided for sure yet.

When I took these photos we had our white sofa in here. We have since moved it into the den and now have a large sectional there and I've also hung some curtains. I will share those pictures as soon as I have a chance to take them. Actually I may go ahead and share those soon just using my cell phone pictures so you can get a general idea and then when I get back home I plan on adding art/photos to the walls, changing out the light fixtures, adding a rug and making a darker slipcover for the ottoman.

Here's another before (we removed that light fixture along with the fan):

I I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!


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