A couple of days ago while I was attempting to photograph my parent's guest room (which I will post either tomorrow or Monday depending on when I can finish typing it up) my lovely little Lorelei Wren decided to plop herself onto the new rug in the room and take up residence. The girls are normally pretty good about standing next to me while I am photographing a room but thanks to the very comfy new rug, Lola just wanted to lay right there in the middle and play dress-up. (Mimi has the best dress-up box!) Although it made photographing the room a tad difficult she actually sat still enough for me to take a few pictures of her. And although thanks to her mischievous little personality she generally is grinning from ear to ear, she was giving me mostly a serious face when I took these.

There's a smile...

Then she decided to pretend she was asleep so I'd quit taking pictures of her. =)

I hope you all have a blessed weekend!


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