I haven't done any decorating whatsoever out on the porch yet but we did plop our furniture into place that first day and so far every single night since we moved in we have eaten our dinner out here so I figured I would show you how it looked. I really loved our last porch but have to say I think I like this one even more because the layout allows us to move around more and it has screens on three sides vs. just the one side at our last house. In just the two weeks or so that we've been eating out here we've already seen deer, rabbits and lizards (and a snake too, but that wasn't while we were eating). Once we are settled I look forward to adding some more decorative touches out here.

All the beautiful hydrangeas are from my Aunt Patty. She used them at the rehearsal dinner at the wedding we went to a couple of weekends ago and I, of course, jumped at the chance when she asked me if I wanted them afterward and drove a whole carload of them back to Virginia with me! =) They lasted for two weeks! I was so sad when I  finally had to toss them right before we got in the car to head up to NH. I will miss them when we get back. =(

And here you can see the back side of our house. There will be some painting happening on the outside of the house too at some point. Well, if I can ever get the inside finished. =)

I hope you all are having a lovely Monday!


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