Ahhhh! Sorry. I am quite behind on blogging again. I have been painting painting and painting some more and when that happens I barely spend any time on my computer so I get quite behind on editing my pictures and writing blog posts. The good news is the finish line for painting all the main spaces in our house is in sight! I finished up the laundry room and back hallway last night. Now all I have left are the walls in the playroom and quite a few doors (there are six in our bedroom I need to paint, three in the playroom and then the hall bathroom door).  I also need to paint our master bathroom. And then I am DONE with painting all of the rooms! I will need to go back and paint the insides of some of the closets but I am going to take a nice long break from painting before I tackle that.

I feel like all I have done for the last eight months is prime and paint baseboards, crown molding, chair rails, doors, windows and walls. I cannot wait to get started working on the details of the rooms! I do  plan on sharing some more progress we've made in some of the rooms like the upstairs bathroom and laundry room, a couple of fun giveaways and some new chalkboard art over the next week or two and then I should be able to get started on some actual projects. That is if I can actually remember how to use my sewing machine and drill...

I hope you all have a blessed Tuesday!


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