I am so excited! Not quite a year ago we received an e-mail from an editor at Better Homes and Gardens saying they were interested in photographing our home for their 2012 Christmas Ideas issue and a few days later spoke with her on the phone. As a girl, I never dreamed of being a movie star or any of other "normal" things,  I dreamed of being the first girl in the NBA (I snort now at such a thought) and of having my home be featured in a magazine...yeah, I was a very strange kid. =) And even though it was my dream I never thought it would actually happen. Even after speaking to them, I kept thinking it was too good to be true or at some point they would call and say they had changed their mind. After they came and photographed our home back in January I still kept thinking maybe once they saw the finished photos they would realize our little townhome didn't belong in a magazine and tell me they'd made a mistake, so it wasn't until I saw a proof earlier this summer and then saw the actual magazine that I finally believed it! It really was a dream come true. I couldn't get over how easy the photographer and stylist made it. I am so grateful for not only the opportunity but for what an amazing experience it was!

Here are the first two pages of our ten-page spread! I can't believe how little Lorelei looks!

The magazines we found in VA look like this:

And the ones we found in NH looked like this:

You can also read it online here.

Two of my favorite bloggers, Marian of Miss Mustard Seed and Melaine of My Sweet Savannah's gorgeous homes are featured in the magazine as well!
I hope you all are having a lovely week!


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