Well, here is our September porch. You can also see we moved our dining room table out here now that we have the new farmhouse table in our dining room. It's a bit tight but it's so much easier eating out here on this table than it was on the one that was out there before and we really do enjoy eating as many meals as we can out on the porch - especially this time of year!

Because the armoire is blue now, I didn't want to use the orange that I have incorporated in the past out here. I liked how it looked last year when the armoire was ivory but it just didn't look right this year so I stuck with a lighter color scheme for now, especially seeing how it's still quite warm here. In another month or so when the weather starts to get chillier I will add in some more tans and chocolate colors, I think, to warm it up a bit. I also have a few fun things I'd like to do out here for Thanksgiving. I just finished drawing some pilgrim silhouettes that I plan on using both inside and out here and that we plan on selling in our shop as well. For now, though, here's what it looks like:

I replaced our summery oversized photos with updated ones. I will share with you a little trick I learned the hard way. DO NOT just tape a new photo over your old one if you used our super easy oversized photo tutorial (which can be found here). I did that for this one above the daybed and it made the paper wrinkle up. =(

So, for this one I took the time to remove the photo that was on there and then put this new one on and it worked just like it was supposed to - yay! Now I just need to get around to fixing the other one above the day bed. It hasn't bothered me that much until now that I am staring at it on the computer and it's driving me crazy! =)

Oh and it's not just the oversized photo that's wrinkled on this end of the porch. =) I had just washed the coverlet a few hours before I took these photos and so it was a WRINKLED MESS. I wish I had waited a few days to take the pictures. Within a day or two it has smoothed itself back out.  

You can see this years summer porch here (my favorite, I think!), last years summer porch here, and last year's Christmas porch here. Although I enjoy changing things out with the seasons I have to say fall is probably my least favorite as far as decorating goes, although it's my favorite actual season!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! And if you missed yesterday's post we announced all FIVE winners of our big giveaway. Just scroll down to the post below.


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