Lillie's been begging to paint some pumpkins pink. We bought a few the other day and I'm planning on getting out the paints with her soon. In the meantime, I thought I would surprise her the other morning when she came home from school with two pumpkins for her room. The large one is real and painted with Lillie's old nursery wall color, Melted Ice Cream. It looked more pink on the walls. It looks a bit yucky on the pumpkin and I wish I had just painted it Ballet White like the smaller faux pumpkin. I did these pretty quickly seeing how they were just a playful little surprise for Lillie and I got a little sloppy with my painting but Lillie didn't care. She was so excited when she saw them and kept exclaiming over them. I love this age - they are so easy to please and impress!

I let Lillie paint these two little mini pumpkins once Lola was in bed.

I hope you all are having a lovely week!


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