How in the world can my little tiny baby be two years old? Ahhhh! Almost two years ago exactly to the minute as I am typing this Jon and I met our beautiful little baby girl, Lillian Annabel Holmes. It is amazing how much you can love such a tiny person from the very moment you lay eyes on them! Here she is the day she was born.

And here we are headed home from the hospital with her. I forgot how tiny she was!

And here are some of my favorite photos of her from this past year starting with just after her first birthday. I had been planning on including her first year too, but when you see how many pictures there are just of this past year you will see why I cut the first year out. Actually, except for family, most of you will probably get bored about a quarter of the way through - sorry! I just had so much fun looking back through them all and remembering so many different parts of this year that I got a bit carried away! Actually some of the photos are more about the memory than the actual photo like the third and fourth ones.

I love you so much Miss Lillabel! Happy second birthday!

Oh and if you want read a poem her "Uncle" Jake wrote her, check out  Jason's blog. Keep in mind though that most of his posts are filled with 100% sarcasm, although the one with the poem isn't too bad =).


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