First, I want to say thank you for all of your incredibly sweet comments on Lillie's birthday post - they meant so much to me! Second, after a month of very few pictures of Lillie on the blog I am about to bombard you with a second post in row full of pictures of her - sorry!

I finally got my Christmas card picture, although it was definitely not what I had planned on - haha! Dana made a new knit hat to sell in our Etsy shop and gave one to Lillie for her birthday and I decided to attempt to take a few pictures of Lillie wearing it so we could list it. Lillie was still wearing her super tacky neon green TinkerBell pajamas that she adores so I just switched out the top for a white shirt and let her keep the bottoms on which she was quite happy with (thank goodness for photo cropping!), and then put the hat over her crazy morning hair, popped her in her window seat with her stuffed animals and didn't figure I would get anything good but thought I could hopefully get one or two semi-usable shots so we could at least put the hat for sale. I actually ended up getting a couple I  really liked and am now going to use one of them for the front of our Christmas card. That's always how it is - I spent two weeks trying to set up the perfect shot in Colonial Williamsburg and had zero luck and then in two minutes with her still half in her pj's and super messy hair hidden under the hat, got one I liked a ton better- haha! She still isn't smiling but I have given up on that - maybe next year!

This shot shows the true red color of the hat which we will have for sale when we reopen on December 12th. We plan on having a very limited number ready to ship so that they will arrive in time for Christmas.

We didn't do much for Lillie's birthday on Wednesday but we did squish in having some cupcakes from Coldstone and letting her blow out her candles when Jon came home to change into his suit before heading back out for his game. It was so cute - as he was getting ready she informed him "Daddy I ready....Daddy I ready too!" We told her last game she couldn't got with him and had to wait and go with me because she wasn't ready so I think she thought if she was ready this time she could go ahead of time with him. Whoops - I guess we will have to be more careful now when we tell her stuff like that! She was so disappointed when she didn't get to leave with him.

My cousin Tamara came to visit so she went with Dana, Lillie and I to the game which we won - yay! We had a comfortable lead most of the game so it finally was a nice non-stressful game to watch and the team played so well! And then after the game Lillie got to enjoy her favorite part of running around the court  with Kyla and dancing with the mascot so both she and Jon (thanks to the win) were happy campers! We will miss their next game which is tomorrow because we will be in NH but look forward to watching it on TV.

Here she is blowing out her Curious George cupcake.

I hope you all have a most wonderful weekend!


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