Well, today is Day Three, of the One Room, Three Ways Challenge. You can check out Tuesday's post to see Day One and catch up on what this challenge was and the requirements.

Here is what the room looked like when I started:

And here is Day One:

And Day Two:

And here is Day Three:

After I photographed this option, I ended up keeping the room this way so you if you have been on our site in the last month or two you have probably seen a few glimpses of this overall look. Originally I had planned on doing a pink themed room for my final option based on Lillie and Lola's usual color suggestions =), and I even found a few things that I thought would help me do it in a grown up way. However, I used most of my budget on the second option and didn't want to break the rules so ended up just using many of the same items I have had in here over the years but just rearranging them a bit. First, I switched the sofa back to help separate the living room from the dining room and then put the mirrored chest back in front of the window and then I used the two tufted chairs on either side of it. I put the mirror that we always have above the mantel back in it's usual spot and then moved the ottoman back in here that had been in the family room for a couple of months.

Because the living room didn't change all that drastically I thought it would be fun to add these wingback chairs to the dining room table to help change that room up a bit too. I LOVE having wingback chairs used at the end of the table and even though day to day it would not have been practical in this space I am hoping I will be able to do something like this in our new home where we will have a formal dining room. (There are a few more photos of the dining room at the end of this post).

Now head on over and check out all of these other rooms for day three. I have LOVED getting to see everyone's first two looks so I cannot wait to see what they all have done now for day three!

I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday! I'll be back tomorrow morning with a recap and the link party!


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