Hello Everyone! Today is Day TWO, of the One Room, Three Ways Challenge. You can check out yesterday's post to see Day One and catch up on what this challenge was.

Here is what the room looked like when I started this challenge:

And here it was for Day One:

For Day One (and Day three which I will show you tomorrow) I was able to use pretty much all things I already had. For this setup though I used most of the budget we were allowed to purchase a few accessories. For this room I purchased the lamp shades, pillows, throw and lantern from Target all in their clearance section.

The mirror came from Lillie's room, one of the lamp bases came from our family room and one from Lola's room, and I moved this ottoman back in here (I had tried it out on the family room for a few weeks prior to this challenge but ended up moving it back in here where it stayed after this challenge.)

Oh how I wish these lampshades came in a different color! I LOVE them but this color really doesn't work with the rest of our home. =(

I have to say of the three looks I did this was my least favorite although it was really a ton of fun to do and I really liked having something that looked different than what I normally would do. 

Now head on over and check out all of these other rooms for day two. It was so much fun seeing all of their amazing spaces for day one so now I cannot wait to see what they all have done for day two!

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday! I'll be back tomorrow morning with look three!


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