I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! We had a lovely weekend here at home. We spent most of the weekend outdoors with the girls but when we were inside we finally started packing - ahhh! I can't believe we really are moving. We put our house on the market last month and were very excited and grateful to get an offer shortly after and have it under contract a little over a week later. We are through the inspection and appraisal and are now starting to pack! We will officially be moving the last week of June.

We also have found a house. We found a home in a neighborhood that we absolutely love and cannot wait to move! The girls are as excited as we are. We have loved our townhome and have so many memories here, but  we are really looking forward to having a yard again! I think that is what we are most excited about. I am not going to share any pictures of the new house until we have closed on it (we do have it under contract and are through the inspection). It is two-story brick home with a back porch and a yard for the girls to play in. We are absolutely in love with it, but it does need lots of updating (old wallpaper, mustard/gold colored toilets and tubs, dark trim in every single room, etc.) so we will have lots and lots of fun blog posts ahead as we slowly tackle each room! 

So, if you can bear with me for another month, I will still be posting but probably not as much (although you've probably already noticed that this past month) but after we move in I am going to have a gazillion projects to share!

Even though I don't feel comfortable sharing any photos of the new house until it is officially ours,  I thought I would at least show you these two photos I took in the yard. My favorite flowers, peonies, were in the front. I cannot wait for next May when I can enjoy them! (Sorry - I haven't brought my real camera over to the new house yet so these are just quick cell phone shots).

 And here is a shot of Lillie and Lola under a tree in the front yard that they informed me was going to be there little "secret hideout".
Now we are just praying for everything to go smoothly with both the closing on our old house and then our new house!


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