Last winter we did a little hot cocoa station and it turned out to be such a hit with our family that we did it again this year. I love it because it's decorative but we also use it regularly too and the girls think it's so much fun!  This year we had to move our mirrored chest out of the living room to make room for our tree. I thought it would look pretty against the wallpaper in the dining room but wasn't sure it would fit or how it would look with our farmhouse table. Well, it ended up fitting much better than I thought it would and I loved how it looked with the wallpaper. I decided to make a chalkboard with a rustic frame to help balance out the look with the farmhouse table. I will have a tutorial for making the chalkboard ready soon.

Before I had time to write on the chalkboard I put up this simple noel sign.

 Here you can see how it looks with the wallpaper. I hadn't finished decorated the other sideboard yet when I took these pictures but I have since so I will photograph the whole room hopefully at some point this week.

And here are some close-up shots:

The straws are from The Tom Kat Studio

The little spoons are from The Tom Kat Studio as well. Lillie is fascinated with them. The mugs were a gift and are from Burdick Chocolates in Walpole, NH.

 I hope you all have a lovely Monday! We will be back tomorrow with a new product!


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