Last week I showed you the first part of Jamie and Josh's dining room/den swap and today I am so excited to show you the second part, because it's my favorite! For a little refresher you can click on this post and see what it looked like before when it was their dining room. Because they have a nice little seating area in their kitchen they didn't regularly use their dining room and thought it would be nice to move their den to the room off of the kitchen to help with the flow and making it so everyone could all hang out together more comfortably in the area of their home that they spend the most time in. I have to say I am a HUGE fan of the switch! 

The first thing they did was paint the walls a slightly lighter color, Cotswald AF-150, by Benjamin Moore, to help provide a little more contrast between the chocolate love seat and the walls.

Then they raised the chandelier (from Ballard Designs) seeing how the dining room table was no longer underneath it.

Pretty much everyone in our family has now fallen in LOVE with striped curtains. My sister Dana was the first one to go ahead and try painting her panels. She was looking for a fabric to make draperies for her new apartment in "the apple city" as Lillie calls it, and I suggested painting some panels. I had been wanting to try it in my master bedroom but admit I was a little scared to, but she was brave and gave it a try. She sent me a photo once they were up and I was completely wowed by how fabulous they looked and so I went ahead and made mine which you can see here including a photo of how I taped off the stripes. Jamie took on the biggest task, because she painted four panels! Dana and I were lucky and each just had to paint two. We all purchased our panels at IKEA and they were either $19.99 or $24.99 for a set of two panels. The rug and white slipcovered sofa in here are also from IKEA.

Fresh cut hydrangeas from their yard.

Josh made this coffee table for Jamie!

They still have two projects left in this room. First, Jamie is planning on painting the frames that she had in their other den ivory and hanging them on the blank wall. They are black right now and looked fine in the other room which had some black accents but will look better in a lighter color here. Once she gets that project done I will post some updated photos. The second project is finding a stand for their TV. I didn't even photograph that corner of the room (although the wall next to it is  two photos down) because it's currently sitting on a random way too tiny piece from my parent's basement. The piece it was on in their other den didn't fit in this space.

This is the wall to the left when you walk in. To the right of the chair on the right is where their TV is.

Jamie's kitchen is connected to the den. Here are a couple of photos so you can get the feel of it and you can find more here and here.
Jamie also made and painted this Roman shade last fall!

Also, I wanted to let you all know we now have our 12 by 20 give thanks pillow cover available in white!


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