My parents are in the process of building a new house and while I was home a couple of weeks ago we thought we would get a head start on making over a few of their furniture pieces. We redid the hutch and their dining room table. I will show you them both in full once they are in their new house and I can properly take "after" photos. For now, though, I thought I would at least share some close up shots of the hutch. I didn't take any full after shots because everything that was in here had been packed up so it isn't really styled. I just grabbed a few basic dishes and tulips from the kitchen and put them behind one of the doors to at least get a feel for what it will look like in a couple more months once it is in it's new home!

To start with it was a typical 90's hutch. There was nothing wrong with it but it doesn't go with the feel that their new house has. I was not a fan of either the glass doors on the upper doors or the mirror so those were the first to go. Lucky for us the glass came out easy as could be. Then we took off the knobs and started painting. We used Benjamin Moore's Sea Haze for this and LOVE the color. For this piece we didn't need to sand or prime or anything. We just painted it on. Along with painting all the wood we also painted right over the mirror! We did two coats and then once it was dry took some sandpaper and sanded it down to give it more of a vintage look. We also rubbed some wax on it to help protect the top part of it. We had planned on replacing the handles and knobs but couldn't find what we were looking for. We decided just to spray paint them for the time being. I have to admit it turned out much better than anticipated so who knows if we will ever bother replacing them now! Then for the upper doors we used basic chicken wire. That might be my favorite part.

I have to say this is by far my favorite furniture project to date. My mom was very supportive of this project but I am pretty sure my dad was hyperventilating every moment of the process. I think now that it is finished he's okay with it - or at least I hope - haha! I can't wait to show you the whole piece along with the table once they are in the new house.

For now, though, here are some close-up shots (the paint color in the after shots doesn't really look the same in these photos as it does in real life, hopefully I can get better shots later this summer):


I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday and have a fabulous week ahead!

My mom and little Lola


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