Whew! I can't believe it is already Friday. This past week my sisters Dana and Jamie, our friend Christine, and Jon's dad all were in town to visit. Needless to say it made for a very busy week. I didn't take any pictures at all with my "real" camera while everyone was here so I don't have any photos to show, but I did want to share with you all though, a photo Jamie took of super easy and delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars she made last week at home and then again with Lillie while she was here visiting.
You can find the recipe over at The Girl Who Ate Everything.
We aren't big coconut fans here so we did it without the coconut.

Although I didn't get any photos taken while everyone was here, yesterday I finally photographed our little chalkboard paint in the kitchen project as well as some new additions to the dining room (a little shot of that is below). I can't wait to get them all edited and show you all next week!

Sorry for the short post! I will be back either tomorrow or Sunday to announce the winners of the baby cloth and briar hat giveaways! And then I will have the kitchen and dining room pictures ready for next week. And possibly a couple of new projects in Lola's room to share as well if I can get those photographed today or tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

P.S.  We had sold out of both the white and cream Ruffled Heart Pillows. We probably won't be restocking the white ones in the near future but we did just restock the cream ones this morning! 


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