On Monday, my cousin Cathy and her husband Jason welcomed their newest son, precious little 
Benjamin Oliver! 
I cannot wait to meet him and snuggle with him. In honor of his birth I thought we would give away a set of our baby cloths, which are available in our shop!
  So, how can you win?

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post!
Even if you don't have a baby these would make a great gift!

You don't have to have a blog to enter, either. If you aren't a blogger, just enter a comment and then where it says "comment as" scroll down near the bottom and click on anonymous. However, if you do that, make sure to leave your e-mail address so we can confirm that you are the winner. If we draw the name of someone who doesn't leave any identifying information we will simply draw a new name. Make sure to check back here on the blog to collect your prize!

You can comment each day if you would like to up your chances!
For extra entries become a follower of our blog, twitter
and/or  like our facebook page!

Just write "follower" as a second comment so it counts as an entry,  and "twitter"
and "facebook" as their own entries.

And for one more extra entry: 
 "share" it with your friends on facebook and come back here and let us know you did!

You can enter this contest through Friday night and then this weekend we will announce the winner. 
We will announce the winner of the Our Briar Hat Giveaway then too. You can enter that giveaway by clicking here
Have a wonderful Wednesday! 


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