I had planned on doing a tutorial but I didn't have time to get it written up last night so instead I figured I would just share a few pictures of some things we have added to our kitchen. I have been pulling some all-nighters this week and it looks like I have a few more ahead of me before things settle back down towards the middle of next week. I am so excited for the shoot but also a little overwhelmed trying to get everything ready. Of course, it hasn't helped that neither of the girls have been sleeping well and that Jon will have been gone 6 out of 9 days. Oh well, hopefully I will have time to sleep soon! 

The buckets and wire basket are from IKEA and the basket is from Target.
Tomorrow I will be headed out to some nearby woods to cut down some fresh everygreen to fill the buckets up with.

I also got this for the powder room too! We never had anywhere to store extra toilet paper and it always drove me crazy so I love having this in there now. 
(There is no natural light in here so sorry for the blurry photo).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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