Dana and Lola

I am terribly behind on getting my family photos onto my computer. I finally uploaded a bunch last night.  Here are some shots from when we were up in New Hampshire earlier this month. Every year, since I was a little girl, we have always gone to my Uncle's farm to pick out our Christmas tree. It is such a wonderful experience. They have wagons (or sleighs if there is snow!) pulled by beautiful horses and the farm stand is full of delicious donuts they make right there and steaming hot chocolate that they offer free to all of their customers. Even though we couldn't get our tree there, (I don't think they would have let us on the plane with it), we did all help Dana pick out hers for her new apartment. My parents and Jamie and Josh had gotten theirs the week before. We had so much fun!

Mimi, Lillie and Jamie getting ready for the wagon ride out to the trees!

Dana and Lola

Mimi, Dana and Lola

Jamie carrying Lillie over the huge mud puddle

Poor Josh! It took forever to get the tree back to the loading area with Robert, Josiah, Luke and Lillie all helping him.

Jamie, Lillie, Dana and Lola watching them bag up the tree and load it on the wagon.


Jamie, Lillie, Dana, Lola, and Mimi

Lillie and Jamie

And now back on the horses...

and time for donuts!

Also, we finished decorating the porch! I am hoping to get some photos taken in the daylight today and either post pictures tomorrow or Friday.  I went for a different look out here than the rest of the house.

Happy Wednesday!


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