Our little Lorelei Wren is eight months old today. It is crazy how fast time goes, especially this time of year. She and Lillie already love each other so much and it is so sweet watching them together - and I finally got a few shots of them together. Except for our Christmas card photo and one or two others I don't have any shots of them together where they both are smiling, so I was excited to get a few earlier this week right after they woke up while they were opening their Christmas presents from my parents. Well, actually Lola had been up for a little while but as you can see from Lillie's half-open eyes she had literally just woken up.

 I was able to take a ton of photos of the porch yesterday but don't have time to get them all ready for a post today. I am hoping I will tomorrow. Here's one shot of it, though.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


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