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Even though I switched out our summer accents for our autumn ones a month and a half ago, I kept putting off taking photos of our dining room decorated for autumn because I wanted to do something much more creative with it... but seeing how that hasn't happened I decided to just add some hydrangeas from Fresh Market and a cinnamon scented broomstick from Trader Joe's yesterday and that's about it. Anyway, I figured I would show you the simple fall touches we have in there now and then hopefully next week will add some fun touches for Halloween.

We collected a bunch of acorns down in Colonial Williamsburg to fill some mason jars with for a simple autumn touch. Afterward, I saw something similar that Susan of Hometown Girl did and she added candles which I think looks so much prettier. I think I may have to try that!


My mom was here this past weekend and the girls and I had so much fun with her. I got spoiled having her make dinner every night and do laundry and Lola loved snuggling up with her. Lillie had a ball coloring, painting, and reading with her and even sneaking into her bed at night and snuggling up to her. =) Both girls cried so hard on the way home from the airport after we dropped her off on Monday night. It was so sad. I hate that we live so far from our families but am grateful that we are still able to see them so much.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thursday!


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