Howdy!  I was so excited last week to find a wooden vintage ironing board for only 15 bucks at a flea market.  That combined with the cute Wine and Cheese bag I bought, really inspired me to give some extra attention to a room I don't enjoy decorating much, the laundry room.   Our laundry room used to be the catch all for pretty much everything, so I decided to organize a little and find a place for everything that we throw in there.  Here's how it looks now.
It's a fairly small room with a lot of doors.  Door to the outside, door to the guest bathroom, door to the hot water heater and little door to the furnace.
I made the sign above the door and the wall shelves with the last bits of our barn wood.
I pretty much already had everything in the room, I just moved things around a bit.  My favorite way to decorate, not to mention, cheapest.  I picked up those white metal hooks at Lowe's.  Thought they would be perfect for that cute bag and my favorite apron.
Oh, how I love that wooden ironing board!  And the best part, I'm actually enjoying ironing now.
I love the patina on it!  And it is so sturdy, unlike the cheap metal one I used to have, which fell over all the time.
And I love the X detail underneath.  I'm so drawn to that design on anything.
Hubby was surprised I only paid $15 for it.  So, I did good and he was proud.  :)
I just love it.  Reminds me of hanging out with my grandma, talking, while she ironed after bringing in clothes from the line outside.  A happy memory for sure.
So, that's the laundry room.  Nothing fancy but sure makes me happy.  Too bad it won't stay this neat, with all boys in the house, it's almost impossible.  Does anyone else have a wooden ironing board?  Do you use it or is it for decorative purposes?

And because it's Monday, there are more bread boards, large walnut and mini sets, in my Etsy Shop!  Have a great day everyone!


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