Sometimes I HATE hotmail! This is the third time in the last 6 months or so that a whole page of e-mails disappeared. This weekend I finally began to attack our inbox which I had pretty much ignored since the last few weeks I was pregnant with Lorelei. It was quite the task but I had made it most of the way through (and vowed to myself to NEVER get that behind again!) when the whole second page of e-mails disappeared with the last 20 or so I still needed to respond to. So, if you wrote us any time between March and mid-July and did not get an e-mail back this past weekend (hopefully the majority of you did get yours) please let me know or resend your e-mail and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

As we prepare to reopen we have been busy reshooting some of our products. We are changing quite a few things about how we will be selling items and one of the biggest things that will be different is that everything that is for sale will be ready to ship. We hope that this will help make things much easier for everyone as we continue to grow and expand. The biggest change we will be making is that we will be moving from Etsy to our own website. We think this will be so much more user friendly as you will be able to purchase multiple items in different sizes all at once and not have to wait for things to be relisted. I am planning to do a full post soon with all of the details on the upcoming changes which I am so excited about! Anyway, the size of the photos is different on our new site so there are quite a few products that I have been retaking pictures of including the Audrey Hepburn Tutu:

Lucky for me Lillie, like most kids, is enthralled with planes and one flew overhead right as she plopped down!


Jamie and Lillie

I hope you all have a most wonderful Wednesday!

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