(Jamie's favorite book is Gone with the Wind, and one of the days that we were shooting tutus, as we were picking up to head back up to the house we VERY quickly tried to take a shot inspired by it).

For the past three years, while Jon is gone for the month of July recruiting, I have packed up and gone to New Hampshire to spend the month with my family. This year, because of Lola's health issues, we actually packed up a little earlier than normal and ended up spending close to seven weeks up there!  I couldn't possibly put into words how grateful I am to my parents and siblings for putting up with us for all that time and for all of their help. It was so hard to leave - I am pretty sure Lillie and Lola now think that "Moose Mountain" (or "Moose Mount" as Lillie now calls it) is their home. As much as I will miss being there, it is so nice to be able to be with Jon again. We are out visiting with his family right now and will be headed back home at the end of this week. In the meantime, I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures from our time in NH (some have been posted before and a few are new) and say a huge thank you to my wonderful family!

This is the house my mom grew up in and where we took the pictures of Dani and Mike. It was built by my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather in the late 1700's. (I think I have the right amount of greats, but maybe not...)

Lillie playing in the dirt

Lillie and Duke


Lillie running away while we were taking tutu pictures

Lillie and Auntie Dana

Mike and Dani

Daisies Lillie picked for Mimi


Lola and Mimi

 Auntie Dana and Lillie

Aunt Jamie and Lillie

Uncle Jason and Lola

Uncle "Dutch" and Lillie



Lillie "helping" Bri down at the farm

Lillie playing at the farm

Lillie sipping some lemonade at Burdick's

Papa and Lola

Lillie and Papa on the porch watching for deer, geese, turkeys, etc.

Lillie and Dana at the farm

Mimi and Lola

Lillie riding her bike

Lillie and Duke (or maybe Harley)

Our little Lola Wren

Auntie Jamie and Lillie at the library

Lillie and her new best friend, Evelyn

Lillie and Duke

Me and Lola


I hope that you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


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