Last Easter we got four egg topiaries and two egg wreaths as a gift from someone. This year  I thought I would make them over to match our decor a little better. I think both Lillie and Jon were a bit disappointed in my decision as Lillie thought the colored eggs were "sooooo pretty", but they were a little bright for me.  As they had been boxed away since last Easter I had forgotten exactly what they looked like. In my mind the eggs were smooth so I had planned on spray painting them either a pale blue or an ivory color and then speckling them. Well, when I pulled them out of their boxes I remembered they had raised dots and swirls on them so that sent my natural speckled look out the window. Instead I just decided to spray paint them an ivory color and fill in all of the spaces with extra spanish moss and some other moss I had. (Although I did buy new moss for the letter project in my last post, I am quite cheap and generally reuse the same moss over and over for different projects, which is what I did for this project. And for that same reason, I didn't glue the moss in any spots, I just tucked it in so that when Easter is over I can pull all of it out and put it back in the two big bags I keep it in and save it for the next project. It would probably sound better to call myself thrifty but in this instance cheap is probably more appropriate seeing how moss isn't very expensive to begin with =) !) 

Here is what we had to start with:
(I only photographed 1 of the topiaries but there are actually 4 of them)

And here it is after a coat of spray paint and some moss tucked in:

And here is one of the wreaths:

We did three of the topiaries with the more brownish colored moss and the spanish moss and then did the fourth one with the leftover brighter green moss from the letter project because it is in a different room and thought the brighter green would look nice next to the bright limes.

So, for just $7 (two $3.50 cans of spray paint) we were able to makeover 4 topiaries and two wreaths!

I have a few more finished Easter projects to show you all and am also still working on a couple so once everything is done will show how the whole rooms look versus just the close-up shots in this post.

 I also wanted to say a big thank you so Traci, from Beneath My Heart for featuring us! She is so sweet and has a wonderful blog that you should definitely head on over and check out if you haven't before!

beneath my heart

Also I want to wish my father-in-law luck! He is a high school basketball coach in Indiana and his team is playing in the state championship game tonight. We all were able to go two years ago when they won it, but as I am not allowed to travel only Jon will be able to go this time. Lillie and I will be cheering from home, though! Go Panthers!

Alrighty, that is it for now! 

I hope you all have a blessed weekend 
 and be sure to check back Monday for our BIG GIVEAWAY!


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