Sorry, I have been completely MIA from my computer these past few days. I am hoping to attempt to get caught up today and tomorrow at some point on e-mails, convos and blog reading, but for now wanted to post some photos of the projects I have finished up for Lillie's room. I finished three of the five of them last weekend and have put the other two on hold while we work on changing the guest bedroom into a nursery and try to get my new spring Dear Lillie items into gear. I still have to do something with the bare wall to the left of Lillie's bed (I know what I am going to do I just haven't had time to do it yet) and then I have a little more work I want to put into the window seat area and then it will be done! I am hoping to get back to it in another week or two but for now here are the three projects that are finished. (I am happy with how two of them turned out but not such a big fan of the third one).

Project 1: New Pillows
My favorite new thing is probably the pillows. They aren't perfect, by any means, but for once a project actually turned out pretty much how I had it in my head. That almost never happens! I made two silhouette pillows and two bolsters - the one on the bed she sleeps on says "lillian" and the other one on the other bed has her middle name "annabel". To keep the cost down I tried to use fabrics that I had left over from other projects. I did buy the bolster inserts, though, and the pink trim. I want to switch out the ribbon in the girl's hair for chiffon but haven't found any in the right shade of pink yet.

Project 2: Branch with Birds
To help fill out the empty space on the far wall Lillie and I found this branch in the woods and gave it a light coat of spray paint so it looks kind of like a branch from a birch tree. Then using the Silhouette machine I cut out a bunch of birds and hung them from the branches. This project was super cheap - pretty much just the cost of the spray paint ($6) and two sheets of the  pink and cream swirl paper ($.99 each). I already had the solid pink and gray cardstock.  I like that for under $8 it helps fill up a whole empty corner!

Project 3: Pretend Window
This project did not turn out at all how I had it in my head =(. I am really disappointed in it as I had something really specific in my mind but it came out WAY worse looking. Oh well. It was easy and inexpensive so I can always go back and try to fix it later or maybe start over. I just used a basic super cheap wood frame and spray painted it white and then added some dowels to the back to make it look like a window. Then I used the leftover fabric and trim from the pillows to make some curtains.

And here are bunch more photos where you can see the projects in their spaces in the room. The little bird picture above her dresser is way too small and I am going to change it out for the mirror that was in our guest bedroom I just haven't gotten to it yet. Hopefully that will get done this weekend. I took these photos on either Thursday or Friday, I think, and by Sunday the dress form was back in our room as Lillie informed me it was "scary" so now the rocking chair is back in there.  I liked how the height of the dress form looked sooooo much better in this corner. Maybe once she is a little older I can try to put it back in there again. =)

A pair of boots from Joyfolie.

 Her little window seat area still needs some work.

I knew this day would come eventually - she now has a little tiny hoop in her room. 

It's not too bad, though, because it's just on a tiny nail and I can remove it easily =).....hopefully Jon won't upgrade this to a bigger version for a while!

Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts and opinions on the nursery! 
A couple of hours after posting that I decided to go ahead with Option 1 and we headed off to Benjamin Moore to pick up the brown paint. Several hours after that I was thinking it was the worst decision I had ever made! Taking down the wallpaper and painting that room turned out to be a nightmare project that took 3 or 4 times longer than I had anticipated. Here is Dana and Jamie helping start on the wallpaper on Monday night. Sadly, I was still working on it late Tuesday afternoon!

 What a mess!
Jamie and I spent two nights painting though (here is it midway through) and it is finally done! YAY!!!! We also got the crib set up last night! It was so wonderful having her here to help. I will be so sad to see her leave tomorrow but she is coming back down again next week - yay!!!!!  And I am going to try to not put her to work too hard next time or she may never come again! Haha!

Now to start on all the projects for the nursery! Ahhhhh!!!!! I need to get back to work on some Dear Lillie stuff first, though, so it will probably be another week or two before I start on those.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

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