This is what our third bedroom has looked like since shortly after moving into our home. We have used it as a guest bedroom but now it is time to turn it into a nursery - yay! I am so excited to start working on a nursery again but am a little sad to see our guest bedroom go. While my parents were here a couple of weeks ago, we moved the twin beds into Lillie's room. We have been busy working on her room since then and it is now finished except for one small corner - I plan on taking pictures of it tomorrow and posting them later this week.  So, anyway, now that the twin beds are gone, this room has a full size bed in it (the one that was in Lillie's room - we need to keep it so we can still have room for people to sleep when family comes), a chair and the mirror and dresser. We need to squish a crib in there too somehow - ahhh!  I am torn on what direction to go in as far as color goes. I will show you the two things I am torn between at the end of this post. My sister, Jamie is here for the next few days, though so I want to get to work on it now and hopefully have it finished by the end of this month. That's the goal, anyway! 

So here is what it looked like until two weeks ago:

I was torn between quite a few different color-ways to start with. I have it narrowed down to two now though. We won't be getting any new furniture. We will be using everything we already had from either Lillie's nursery or things already in the guest bedroom. I do want to make all new bedding though and have some fun ideas for some decorative items. Believe it or not, I don't want to have ANY pink in this room. We did Lillie's nursery in all pinks, whites and creams and I want this one to look completely different.  The main thing I have to decide though in the next day or so is which color scheme I do want to use - a very natural, earthy look with Alexandria Biege Walls (kind of a soft mocha brown) and then all of the bedding and accessories to be whites, creams and tans. I would use a lot of different textures to add some contrast. The second option is to leave the colors as is (I love that wallpaper and hate to get rid of it) and do the room in the same color scheme it already is - blues, grays, whites and creams but just add some more baby touches. I would still have to make a decent amount of bedding for both the crib and the full sized bed and need to put a lot of things on the walls.  I am leaning toward option one, but not quite sure. What do you think?

Inspiration for Option 1:
I LOVE the feeling of this nursery and it has the overall idea I want. I would just have the walls be a little darker using the Alexandria Beige color (it's the on the same color swatch as the Davenport Tan my sister and her husband used in their dining room, where we had Lillie's birthday party, but is one shade lighter). We used Alexandria Beige in our last home and it has always been one of my favorite colors!
This image above is from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.

Inspiration for Option 2
I actually had decided on going with Option 1, because I didn't want to do a girl's nursery in all blue. Then I saw this link on The Shabby Nest and saw this gorgeous nursery for Baby Lunden and started having second thoughts. How beautiful is this? Even though our blue is more of a gray blue I could keep the wallpaper and wall color but could add a beautiful white baby dress and some frilly pillows.

And regardless of whether I go with the first or second option I love these framed ideas from Audrey Ryan's nursery over at Jones Design Company and would love to do something similar! I haven't decided the layout yet of the room so I don't know if I am going to have the wall space or not but I LOVE the vintage feel of this:

Any thoughts? I would love to know which you think would rather see - Option 1 or Option 2?

Also, we have had our shop closed for the past ten days or so but are back open. I still don't have any of the new spring screenprinted items ready yet but am working on them and hope to have them ready to go by the first or second week of March. Also, I am planning on offering one script pillow each month as well and am working on those. I am going to do a similar one to the Je T'aime ones next and then plan on doing something completely different for March. Although I am behind on those things we do have two new tutus available in our shop! The Arabelle Faerie Tutu which we previewed here on the blog a couple of weeks ago and another new one called the Calla Tutu, which would be great for a spring or summer wedding! I hope to take photos of Lillie in that one today or tomorrow.

Lillie in the Arabelle Faerie Tutu

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I will be back later this week with pictures of Lillie's room and we also have a giveaway coming up soon too!

PS - Oh my goodness! I almost forgot - Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!


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