Turquoise was announced as the color of the year for 2010
and we did see many versions of that delicious hue
in the aqua and teal and sea foam hues

paired with chocolate and green
Other blues made a big comeback.

Deep blues and soft whispers of blue.
We saw it paired with green and cream;

and it made its classic clean, fresh appearance again with white.

But of all the blues, the grey blues were my favorite.

Blue at Christmas hits a nostalgic note for me.

I have never used blue as a holiday palette,

but my father put blue lights on our house each Christmas. 

He loved his blue lights sparkling against the white snow

piled on the roof and the bushes nearby

blanketing the lawn and ground. 

There was something ethereal about it. 

When I see blue at Christmastime, I remember my Dad,

and Christmas at home.  He sure loved himself some blue lights on the outside of the house!

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