Sorry! I have been a major blog slacker this week! It was a long busy week and the morning sickness that I thought I was finally near the end of came back strong these past few days - yuck! I think the end is in sight though - now I am just dying for that big boost of energy that should come at some point in the next few weeks! So anyway, I wanted to give you all some Dear Lillie updates, show you some gray we've added to Miss Lillabel's room, and see if anyone had any birthday party ideas.

First - we have a bunch of our new designs available now in our shop including our Anne of Green Gables Thermal (which I had to print on a white thermal because despite looking EVERYWHERE for a nice green one I couldn't find any that had a complete range of sizes left in stock), the Little Women one and some Fairyland ones in new colors for both women and children. (Pictures of everything are at the bottom of this post). We will have the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas shirt available for kids later this week. The ribbon on it will be optional that way it can be for either boys or girls.

I also wanted to tell you I we have some really fun new embellished shirts that we are working on that will be available in the spring. Originally my plan was for all of our screenprinted shirts to have some embellishments (chiffon, lace, buttons, rosettes, etc). I was really inspired by all of the J.Crew ones this summer and wanted to be able to make similar ones with a Dear Lillie twist on them but offer them at a lower prices. Unfortunately, the morning sickness hit hard right when we started printing so that all went out the window for fall. However, as soon as Christmas is over I am dying to get to work on what has been in my  head for the past six months!

On another note Lillie and I are starting to get into Christmas mode a little early here =)....we haven't quite won Jon over to it yet, though. Haha! This afternoon we went and got some little fir trees to put in our urns on the front porch and had fun planting them. I wanted to take down all of our fall stuff this afternoon to get ready for our Christmas stuff and almost did seeing how Jon was gone at a scrimmage all day, but figured he might die when he got back so decided against it. I used to always wait until after Thanksgiving to start, but the last two years with Lillie and Dear Lillie, I have discovered it takes so much longer to get everything done especially when I have lots of new Christmas projects I want to do, so I have started a little earlier. I suppose I should wait at least another week or two though.

Some decorating we have done, though, has been to add some more gray into Lillie's room. I am trying to slowly make it a little less pink and my sister Jamie made her a matching pillow and blanket for her bed and that has really helped. Now I just need to hang something above her bed...if only I could decide!

For more pictures of Lillie's new big girl room click here.

And here are some of the new shirts now available in our shop. Also just to let you all know we won't be printing any more thermals before Christmas (except the kids Christmas which we will have later this week) so what we have now is it!

Okay and last but not least, Lillie's birthday is in just a few weeks and I am trying to decide what to do for her birthday party. Last year we had a fun pink theme, but I am torn about what to do this year. We are going to do a small little tea party up in New Hampshire and I was thinking about doing either a chocolate theme (she might love chocolate even more than me!) and do lots of little mini chocolate desserts, or maybe a sugarplum/winter wonderland theme and do lots of fluffy white decorating, or maybe a Fancy Nancy themed tea party, but I really am not sure and I need to decide in the next day or two so that I can get to work making stuff.

 Do any of you have any opinions or ideas?

If so I would LOVE to hear them and if someone comes up with an idea that I end up using I will send you a free shirt of your choice (and yes, Jamie, I will let family members enter this contest - haha!)

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!


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