First, a huge thank you so everyone who made Monday and Tuesday our busiest days ever in our Etsy shop! We are completely sold out of the Fairyland Quote with Silhouette and Ribbon Shirt and sold out of several sizes in several other styles. I have two more Mary Poppins styles coming in hopefully by the weekend and I also am having more of the Fairyland Shirts printed as well as more Jane Austen's. I think I am going to print the Jane Austen one on a thermal as well. It will probably be a good two weeks or so before I have any of those, though.

Anyway, here are some photos of the autumn decorating we have started to do. I love using natural elements (pine cones, acorns, real turkey feathers my dad collects for me from my parent's property up in NH, etc.) but unfortunately I learned the hard way that in the south using real pumpkins in September can be a disaster - they rot in about three days. (It is 90 degrees out right now, YUCK!)  So, for this month, my pumpkins are all fake. =( Once October comes and it finally starts to cool down a bit, we will head to the farmer's market and get some real ones! YAY!

I used mostly browns and some greens in the living room and dining room and then added a few touches of orange in the family room. The empty looking tree branch in the dining room is a project I started but haven't finished yet. I am planning on printing off the poem, The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe, on a bunch of small pieces of tea stained paper and hanging it from the tree and possibly print off some vintage looking fall elements as well and hanging them. Once I finally get to that I will post pictures, but for now it is just a random tree branch - sorry!

Note to Self: Stop taking photos in a hurry! After looking at these pictures I am bound and determined to quit taking photos in such a hurry. When I finally get around to taking them of Lillie's new room I am going to try and take my time so that hopefully I can actually get a decent shot or two. These pictures I took with Lillie running around (she's cropped out of several of them - haha) in about two minutes and then when I got them on my computer wish I had of taken a little more care while shooting them. Oh well, they are all I have for now and I am overdue for a post so they will have to do.

Another project I have seen on two of my favorite blogs recently, Miss Mustard Seed and My Sweet Savannah is something  They rip off the covers of books and tie them together. I really want to do this project and add it to this room.

How cute are these books from My Sweet Savannah?

And these ones from Miss Mustard Seed:

And last but not least, I want to introduce you all to Catherine who we hired a few weeks ago. She is in charge of packaging up all of the orders that go out as well as cutting fabric for me. She has been such a huge help so far! (Lillie just woke up from her nap so not exactly looking her happiest).

Lillie's shoes are by Joyfolie.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


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