Yay! Jon finally got home today! It is funny, before I had Lillie I never minded him being gone. I knew it was part of the job. My dad was a coach so I had an idea of what I was getting into. I used to just plan my huge projects while he was gone and keep myself blissfully busy and he would often come back from a recruiting trip to an entirely different looking home - new wall colors, furniture painted a new color and moved to another room, etc.

Since having Lillie, though, it is so much more difficult. She misses him so much when he is gone. However, she is starting to get old enough to LOVE the presents he brings back for her! Haha! When he was gone for the month of July he spent a good deal of time at the AAU Nationals that are held at Disney World so he brought her some fun stuff from there. During this trip, which covered several states in the midwest, he stayed at one hotel that was right next to an American Girl Store! (I am so jealous. How is it that you NEVER outgrow you loves for American Girl dolls? Or at least that is how I feel, anyway - haha!) He brought Lulu, who is Lillie's Bitty Baby home an adorable pair of jammies and then got Lillie a matching pair. How cute are they?

Lulu in her new jammies

Lillie and Lulu matching!

Oh, and a book for Lulu!

She then crawled in Daddy's suitcase with Lulu which she does every time he comes back from a trip. I think she wants to make sure he doesn't leave without her next time (especially if he is headed anywhere near an American Girl Store - oh wait, no, that's me!)

On another note, I just got two more Mary Poppins prints on two different style tops (a white thermal like the Fairyland Silhouette one and a more regular fitting tee to go along with the fitted tunic we are offering now) and I have the Fairlyand Silhouette shirts for toddlers and little girls now too! I will try to list them all tomorrow, but if not then definitely on Monday!

I hope you all have a marvelous weekend!


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