I just peaked at Aimee's blog and she had posted these Oatmeal Carmelitas, which just happen to be one of the recipes I've wanted to try for a while - so I'm posting the link for the recipe (above).  According to Aimee, they are best warm with vanilla ice cream...

I'm convinced.... how bout you?



Redecorating my kitchen after 40 years. The cabinets are a soft creamy white with hint of grey. The backsplash is cambria quartz darlington. The backsplash is shell white glazed porcelain mosaic tile, the floor is linen travertine. All appliances will be stainless steel. Light from south in front hallway, west facing kitchen window and north facing large window. Would like a paint colour to bring it all together without yellow undertones. Thanks Maura 


You are LONG overdue for a beautiful kitchen.  Congratulations on the redo!  So far, I think your choices are very good.  Drawing from the description of your cabinets "soft creamy white with a hint of grey" I would go to the gray side for your wall color.  Take a look at these white kitchens with gray toned walls.

I do want to caution you on allowing your kitchen to become too sterile.  Adding some warmth in the form of wood tones, baskets, greenery, etc. makes a kitchen more appealing and a place your family and friends will truly want to gather.  I posted about that very thing not too long ago here. Adding a gray tone can tip the balance either way as some grays turn very chilly and others have a warmer undertone.

In the Benjamin Moore palette, (without yellow undertones) I would look at Revere Pewter, Collingwood and Rockport Gray.   Sherwin Williams has Perfect Greige, Essential Gray and Dovetail.   Make sure you test a few to see how they perform in your specific light.


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