I'm all wrapped up in the wedding I'm doing in Dallas this week, (hence the few days with no posts) but wanted to get a quick post in and try to answer a question for Krissy about her kitchen...

She contacted me a couple weeks ago regarding her kitchen remodel.  She has been keeping track of her progress on her own blog, and I think its going pretty good... what do you think?  She really rocked a nice board and batten peninsula....

Question from Krissy....

. . .Can't wait to add some botanical prints to my home, I'm bookmarking this post for future reference but first I need to get through the major remodeling stuff. Right now I need to pick a new cabinet color. I was going to paint them white, then a gray with blue undertones, now??

I have Artic White solid surface counters and stainless steel appliances. I purchased BM paint in Storm for the cabs but when I started painting it looks like baby blue, yuck.

Please help. I love white cabs but I'm afraid white on white could go terribly wrong. My latest thought is Edgecomb gray by BM? I just don't want it to look like I painted them beige. And I don't want them to have a modern look. They are shaker style and will have chrome pulls. We have warm medium toned laminate floors.

I'm not sure how to upload photos to the comment so I will link my blog about our home remodeling project. Would love your feedback! Thanks, Kristine http://dreamingdecor.blogspot.com/

Hi Krissy,

So the key words for me in your comments above were:  "I love white cabs...."   And then I read your blog post (good job on the board and batten, by the way) and again you said "I really want an all white kitchen".  And you also mentioned you get 'looks' when you mention it... but I'm pretty sure that is because all white kitchens can be a little 'cold'.  I personally love white kitchens.  All white can be great as long as it doesn't become 'sterile' looking.  You are already on the right path to avoiding that with the warm wood floors.  (I actually posted on how to avoid sterile kitchens here, which you might find helpful).The bottom line is really adding enough color and texture in your kitchen to make the white seem fresh and clean instead of sterile.

You can avoid the operating room look by using a more organic material for the backsplash.  Marble with some gray or gold veining, or a very light travertine or limestone will read warmer than shiny white ceramic tile.  

When all your 'bones' are in place, accessories are the best way to change the look and feel of your kitchen.

1.  Add warmth/texture.   Baskets, wood flooring, woven wood blinds, etc. add warmth and texture and take the sterile down a notch.

2.  Add greens.   A living plant, a bowl of green apples, limes, artichokes or avocados - there's just something about green that is grounding and adds an element of life -

3.  Add accessories.  Decide what your accent colors in the adjoining rooms will be and add a pop of color in the kitchen to echo them.

4.  Wall art - granted most kitchens don't have a lot of wall space, but if you do have a little room, add some graphic interest.

5. If possible, add Fabric.  Window treatments, rugs, even folded tea towels can soften a kitchen a little. Softening all those hard edges takes a little imagination in a kitchen where there isn't an abundance of textiles. If you have a slider nearby, add floor length curtains.  Bar stools can have cushions.  Use your imagination, but try to bring in a little fabric relief.

Remember, its the heart of the home.  Its where your family and friends will gravitate. Make it as inviting as you can.  Good luck!


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