Well, we still aren't finished but seeing how it could be months before I find the perfect mirror(s) for above the sink and artwork for above the toilet to help break up the wallpaper a bit so it doesn't look so busy, I figured I will share photos of the progress we have made so far seeing how it's nearly done. 

Here is a little reminder of what the bathroom looked like when we moved in. The vanity and wallpaper were actually in okay shape but seeing how we were going to completely demo the floor and bathtub area it made the most sense to start fresh. We hired a contractor to do all of the major projects here in the space because gutting and redoing a bathroom is way out of my DIY skillset. =)  I have to say all in all this project went pretty smoothly and we didn't run into any major hiccups which was pleasantly surprising.

The vanity came with faucets but they got damaged during the delivery and much to my disappointment we weren't able to fix them. Fortunately we were able to find a faucet on Overstock that was quite similar.

I actually had a completely different plan for this bathroom that involved marble countertop and glass tiles but when I stumbled on this vanity at a local furniture company for almost 80% off I decided to go with it and completely changed my plan for this bathroom. It turned out much more traditional than I had originally planned but I have to say I really like how it flows with the other rooms upstairs. The color of the body on the birds is almost the same color as the hallway (Moonshine) and the guest bedrooms are a mix of white, gray and black. The mirror was from the master bath in our last house and we haven't found a spot for it yet in this house. I had planned on bringing it up to Jason's house but decided to at least use it in here temporarily until I found what I was looking for. We've had a ton of family visiting lately and I figured they would appreciate having a mirror in here to use. =) Although the mirror is nice, I think it looks too shabby chic in here for my taste and it's hard to tell in these photos but it's not an ideal size/shape. I had to hang it low so that Lillie and Lola could see themselves in it when they are brushing their teeth but because of that it's quite a bit lower than is ideal for most grownups. I also removed the chandelier and hung it down in our laundry room for now because it was too close to the top part of the mirror that sticks out quite a bit. Once we find the right mirrors for here I will probably move it back up to the bathroom.

I don't have a lens wide enough to get a decent shot of this angle of the bathroom but I am so happy to have the tiny mustard colored tub gone.  This tub is in the exact same spot but is considerably deeper.

I have to say I am THRILLED with the floor. We chose a tile that looks like wood. I was so nervous about choosing it because it seemed a little bit boring and I wasn't sure how it was going to match up to the real wood I am so glad I went with it. I love it and would use it again in a heartbeat! (Also, I plan on added some more ruffles to the bottom of this shower curtain or making one that is a good bit longer so I can hang it higher. We did that in our last house and I liked the way it made the space feel a little bit bigger by hanging the shower curtain higher.

This isn't the best picture (and the bedroom on the right now has some black added to it and we've added a rug to the one on the left - which I will have a post on later this week) but you can see how the colors from the wallpaper in the bathroom coordinate well with the two bedrooms and hallway color.

Source List:

Trim Color - Simply White by BM in Semi-Gloss
Door Color - Mopboard Black by BM in Semi-Gloss
Wallpaper - Wallpaper Direct - Songbird Dove
Vanity - Haynes Furniture (floor model clearance - almost 80% off retail price)
Faucets - Overstock.com
Tile flooring that looks like wood - purchased through Brunk Tile in Newport News, VA
Tile in Bathtub - purchased through Brunk Tile in Newport News, VA
Toilet - Lowe's 
Tub - purchased through contrator
Tub faucet and showerhead - purchased through contractor
Shower Curtain - Bed Bath and Beyond 
Bath Mat - Bed Bath and Beyond
Mirror - purchased years ago at an antique mall
Roman Shade - Lowe's
Soap - HomeGoods
Soap dish - Target  
Vase - have had for forever - possibly from TJMaxx
Tulips - Trader Joe's 
Contractor - Ryan - Bathroom's Made Easy

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! I'll be back later this week with updates to our gray guest bedroom and if I can get some photos taken maybe even a little peek of our kitchen.


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