Back in March, my niece, Everly Penniman, celebrated her first birthday. My sister, Jamie, created the most beautiful party for her. She went with a "Penny Candy Store" theme. I have to say the awnings she made were incredible! They were not very easy to make though, and I am pretty sure she almost gave up on them but I am so glad she was able to pull them off because I think they absolutely made the biggest statement and loved how they turned out. Lillie and Lola loved the set-up. I wish I had recorded Lola's reaction to "the most beautiful party room ever" as she kept referring to it.

Jamie made all the decorations herself so she only had to purchase the flowers, candy and a few other things like cups, plates and straws. 

And here's a shot of the birthday girl, herself taken by Jason's girlfriend, Brie:

These cute little bottles were from Michael's and the straws were from Target. 

These are little baby food jars with painted tops. (I will leave out the little story that involves the purple paint spilling all over Jamie's car, my parent's mudroom and Jason's kitchen - how a little can of purple paint could legitimately spill in that many places could only make sense if you actually knew Jamie - haha) 

She made some fun little games for the party including this tic-tac-toe one. She used purple chalkboard paint on just a regular square piece of wood and then with some help from Brie, painted on the lines using a white paint pen.  Then we just used regular chalk to play.

This was the only thing I helped with. (I don't love how it turned out but that was all we had available for colors and I had to do it pretty quickly - I am pretty sure little Evie didn't mind though) =)

Jamie got these cute jars at HomeGoods when she was down here visiting earlier this year.

And these jars below were from Target (and the other ones were all leftover from Jamie and Josh's wedding several years ago):

Jamie got this stand (and the buckets too) a couple of years ago at a little shop in Peterborough, NH and we've all been envious of it ever since. If she ever gets sick of it I am next in line for it. =)

Jamie repainted an old checkerboard she had in the party's colors. She took step by step photos of that and she'll do a tutorial for that soon. It turned out so cute! I think I might make one for Lillie and Lola's playroom.

She bought a bunch of these folding chairs at IKEA a couple of years ago and they came in quite handy for the party!

Brie helped Jamie with these by painting the one cent on some jars with a glue gun and then once it was dry they painted over the whole thing.

I thought this was such a fabulous idea Jamie did in the three windows that didn't have the awnings. It was so colorful and fun but also sweet and sentimental. I loved seeing all the different photos of Everly over the past year. She'll have a tutorial for that coming soon too!

Didn't Jamie do a fabulous job? Everly is one lucky little munchkin! You can see some of Everly's nursery here, her baby photos here and here and her baby shower photos here and here and Jamie's maternity photos here).

I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead!


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