With lots of help from multiple family members and his girlfriend, we are finally starting to make real progress at Jason's house. It's so exciting! His living room, dining room and kitchen are all starting to come together. None of them are finished, but they are starting to look like "real" rooms now! I had planned on posting about his living room last night but our internet decided to go out yesterday afternoon and still isn't working. The girls and I are on a little "date" right now at Starbucks though so I could get on my computer real quickly and catch up on a few work-related things so I thought while I was here I would at least post a quick little preview and then as soon as our internet at home is back up and running I will get a real post up with lots more photos and details as well as a full source list.


I hope you all are having a lovely Wednesday and hopefully I'll be back either tonight or tomorrow.


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