I finally took photos of the hallway upstairs. We finished painting it back in the fall (maybe late October?) and I just sadly took pictures last week. I was kind of holding off because I was waiting to find a bookshelf type piece for the top of the stairs but at this point am giving up on waiting on that. I did finally get the coordinating light fixture for up here though last week!

I know I took before photos of the hall but I cannot for the life of me find them. Here is one random shot where you can at least see the wallpaper that was here. We had it removed and then I got to work priming and painting the trim. Jamie was here visiting back in the fall when I was working on this and helped with the walls. Because the thermostat was hung annoyingly in the middle of this wall I just added a basic shelf (one of the ones that I had removed a couple months ago from our kitchen walls) and leaned two photos against it so we still have easy access to changing the thermostat if necessary but it helps hide it most of the time.

This is the light fixture we got for the top of the stairs.

You can see the one at the bottom of the stairs here that it coordinates with. There are a few angles where you can see both but I couldn't get get a good shot.

There is no natural light up in this hallway unless I open the doors so it makes it quite difficult to photograph especially seeing how I need to purchase a new tripod and still haven't gotten around to getting it yet .

I will try to take some better angled shots once we get the bathroom finished that you also see from this hall. I still plan on adding a gallery type wall going down the stairs and would maybe like to add some type of wall treatment for added interest up here but at least it's a lot brighter feeling up here and not so dark and gloomy.

Wall Color - Moonshine in Matte Finish (BM)
Trim Color - Simply White in Semi-gloss Finish (BM)
Door Color - Mopboard Black in Semi-gloss Finish (BM)
Light Fixture - Mia Flushmount from Pottery Barn
Shelf - Target (I'm not the biggest fan of it and would not buy it again)
Frames - One on the left is from Target and the on one the right is from IKEA
Growth Chart - Dear Lillie

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!


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