Happy New Year! I know I haven't blogged much these last couple of weeks but I promise I haven't been asleep on the job! =) I got our new light fixture hung in the entryway last week and took some photos of it yesterday and then plan on taking some pictures of our living room and kitchen later this morning and I am almost ready to photograph our new guest bedroom - I cannot wait to show you that. The painting is finally done, the bed is set up and made, and the curtains are hung, I am just waiting on a few more little touches like deciding on a light fixture and rug and then I will get that photographed. I may try to take a few sneak peek shots today of that too, though. And now we've started painting our master bedroom - I am really really excited with what we finally decided on doing in there (I changed my mind a million times). I've also been working on some Valentine chalk art, and a little Valentine's decorating seeing how my girls think the house is very boring now without the Christmas decorations up. =) So, this week I plan on getting back on track blogging.

For today though, here are a few pictures of my little sleeping beauty. I think it's the only time she's still enough to get a decent, non-blurry shot of her - haha!

Have a fabulous Monday! I hope to be back tomorrow with some decorating pictures.



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