I am so excited to tell you about POLYVORE and their new Project Decorate campaign! You may have heard of Polyvore before and thought of it more of a fashion tool. That's pretty much how I always thought of it. I often pinned sets of outfits that I loved on Pinterest but never ventured onto Polyvore myself until earlier this fall when I discovered Project Decorate. I quickly realized just how easy it was to use and how much fun it was to play around on!  It comes in so handy when you are working on a room getting to see how all the elements come together!



We are partnering with Polyvore to help introduce their launch into the home decor market by hosting a contest where you can win a $500 gift card to Pottery Barn. Yes, you read that right! A $500 gift card to Pottery Barn! To enter the contest simply create a set that incorporates our theme which is "Casual Elegance".

Here are some the sets that I created to reflect this Casual Elegance style. 

I chose over 60 items and you can use some of them to incorporate into your own Casual Elegance Set and two winners will be chosen.  I will choose one winner and a second winner will be chosen by the Polyvore community. (That winner will based on which set draws the most attention which includes likes, comments, shares).
To enter, go HERE to create Casual Elegant Set that features a couple of the items I chose.  Here's an example of a set that you could create:

It's a pretty fun concept, isn't it? Have a fabulous Monday!

PS - I'll be back tomorrow to share our Christmas home tour as part of Jennifer Rizzo's annual Holiday Housewalk. Be sure to head on over today and start the tour today on day one!


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