We finally have these in the shop! We've had them ready for a couple of weeks now but I just finally got them photographed yesterday. Normally when I start decorating for Christmas early so I can get everything photographed it feels kind of weird. It's so cold out right now though, that this year I am actually getting excited as it's all coming together instead of worried that any neighbors might see through our windows and think I am crazy. I will have lots more Christmas decorating to show you over the coming weeks (and actually I still have at least two fall themed posts too including one last Thanksgiving item to share that I am excited about!) but to start with I wanted to introduce our newest print, "Have yourself a merry little Christmas..."

 It is available in the 11 by 14 chalkboard style:

And we also have it in white on cranberry in that 11 by 14 size:

and green and red on white as well in 11 by 14:

And we have this Christmas design available as a 24 by 36 download as well!


If you are looking for a download that goes the other direction don't worry - we have "chestnuts roasting on an open fire coming later this week, and I am still working on "and His name shall be called..." which I am hoping will be ready by December.  (Both of those designs can be seen on chalkboards in our last home last Christmas. I didn't photograph them last year in a way that we could make them into prints or downloads but we've gotten a lot of requests for them so I am redrawing them so they can be reproduced this year).

I didn't have much access to my computer today and won't again tomorrow but will get back to work on e-mails Thursday night. 

Have a blessed week!


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