I can't tell you how excited I am to have this room finished! Technically it's not quite finished. I still need to add some artwork to the walls but other than that it's pretty much done! We replaced the toilet shortly after moving in and I took down the chair rail and then I kind of got stuck for a while trying to make a decision. I didn't want to chose a new countertop or paint the vanity until I picked out a wallpaper and I couldn't for the life of me find what I had pictured in my head at an affordable price.

I eventually got sick of waiting on myself to make a decision on wallpaper and went ahead and ordered the countertop/sink and faucet last month from Lowe's because I figured it would be safe and go with most anything I ended up picking out for wallpaper. I wanted a marble countertop but after the initial quote on that ended up choosing a product called Evercor which ended up close to half the cost of the marble quote. We chose it in the color Aspen. It came with a free sink and I chose the rectangular undermounted style. That was one thing I didn't have any trouble deciding on. I knew I wanted a square or rectangular sink. I love the way it looks. And then I chose the most inexpensive oil rubbed bronze faucet in 8" widespread style that Lowe's carried. 

Then it was back to the wallpaper. I wanted something fun but not too crazy. Something with an interesting pattern (like in Lillie and Lola's room) but in relatively neutral colors. Well, I spent close to four months looking and didn't find anything that had that feel I was imagining. Or I should say not anything that was reasonably priced. I ended up choosing the gray trellis pattern by York (I ordered it from American Blinds and Wallpaper because that was the cheapest place I found it).  I wasn't all that thrilled about it when I ordered it but figured at least it would be safe and I was just so sick of staring at the bathroom being stuck looking like it was in mid-renovation so I pulled the trigger. This ended up being the opposite of my stair runner situation (where I loved the pattern until I actually put it on my stairs). Once this went up I ended up being really happy with it. It feels so much more clean and fresh in here! It was nearly impossible to photograph because there is no natural light in this powder room so I don't think it really portrays well here on the computer. It felt really dark and kind of dirty in here before and now I am so much happier with how it looks! So, in the end I m actually really excited about it.

Once I chose the paper I painted the vanity. I used Shenandoah Taupe because I still had plenty of it left over from last year and then added new hardware from Home Depot. I had planned on hunting for something unique but got impatient once the rest of the bathroom came together and just ended up running to Lowe's and Home Depot and those were the ones I liked best. 

I just removed the sconces and spray painted them oil rubbed bronze for now. I would like to replace them with something a little more interesting someday but they are fine at this point.

Here you can see side by side the before and what it looks like now (I still need to add artwork but haven't decided what I'm going to put up yet):

This is a cellphone shot so it's really grainy and off color but we had some of the leftover beadboard wallpaper from the dining room and entryway installed on the ceiling in here. It's a fun little detail that's a bit unexpected.

And here's what it looks like with the lights on:


Trim Color - Simply White in Semi-gloss Finish
Wallpaper - Graphic Trellis Wallpaper (can be found here)
Beadboard Wallpaper - Allen and Roth from Lowe's
Vanity Color - Shenandoah Taupe (think it was in a matte finish because that was what I had on hand, if I were purchasing it new would have gone with semi-gloss for this)
Hardware for Vanity - Home Depot
Vanity top and sink - Evercor in Aspen from Lowe's
Faucet - American Standard from Lowe's
Mirror - HomeGoods
Soap, Lotion, Towel and Jar - HomeGoods
Sconces - spray painted with oil rubbed bronze
Pitcher - Target
Vase - IKEA
I hope you all are having a wonderful week!


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