I am still plugging away on several hand-drawn Christmas chalkboard designs, but seeing how we've been getting requests about Christmas prints I thought we would introduce some of our past Christmas designs that are going to be available for the first time this year as both chalkboard and colored prints!

The first one that is now available in our shop is our Drummer Boy Silhouette. We have it available as a chalkboard print:

and also in cranberry on white

And our drummer boy pillow covers are now back in stock:

We also have our drummer boy cutouts available again in both black:

 And our Joy cutouts are available again in black:

and in cream too:

You can see both the cream joy cutouts and cream drummer boys on our tree last year:
Don't worry - we haven't skipped over Thanksgiving. Our Pilgrim Boy pillow covers are now available as well. 

We've restocked several other pillow covers too like our Joy to the World ones in black and cranberry and our Silent Night/Holy Night sets in white. Just click here to see our pillow cover section. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week! I've got our living room photographed with our new rug so I will try to get those pictures ready to post soon and we are getting really really close to being done with the entryway and powder room so hopefully I will be able to photograph those next week! And if it ever stops raining I think I'll be able to photograph the front of our house. We took down the shutters over the weekend and then painted the front door and I am so much happier with how it looks now.  Then it's back to the upstairs. I've got the trimwork all primed in the hallway upstairs. Now I just need to give it about four coats of Simply White (not looking forward to that!) then paint the doors and walls and I will finally be able to start on one of the bedrooms! I can't wait! 


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