I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Tonight I wanted to show you a quick makeover we did on an outdated chandelier. We actually have ordered our new chandelier for our dining room which should be coming in the next week or two. When I was painting the dining room, though, we hadn't made a decision yet on what chandelier we were going to order and I knew once I got the walls painted staring at this brass chandelier was going to be distracting from the paint job so I figured it would be fun to give it a quick makeover so it didn't stand out so much in the newly painted room. I remembered that Amy from Maison Decor had updated a chandelier a while ago with chalk paint so figured it couldn't hurt to try it on this one. If it went awry it wouldn't matter too much seeing how we were taking it down anyway, and if it worked well then I would be able to possibly use this technique on the sconces in our powder room (the powder room is the next project after I finish up the entryway - we already have the new toilet installed and new vanity top, sink and faucet ordered so now I just have to make a decision on wallpaper and then paint the sconces, trim, door and current vanity base, and then switch out the mirror and do a little decorating).

Here is the chandelier we had to start with:

The first thing I did was paint on some of the Annie Sloan paint in Paris Gray from the lovely Karla at Lady Butterbug.  I figured it was going to go on fairly easily but I have to say it went on even easier than I anticipated. I added a second coat once it was dry just to ensure all of the brass was covered.

After that I just rubbed on the wax and switched out the bulbs for more delicate looking ones and that was it - so easy! I didn't even take it down from the ceiling! Because I knew it was just a temporary fix I didn't put a whole lot of effort into getting the detailed parts perfect. I have to say it was relatively quick and easy project and such an inexpensive way to modernize an older light fixture!

The girls wanted me to add some "sparkles" which was a fun little touch but I have to admit I took them down after a day and fortunately they didn't notice. =)

We've still got a lot to do in here but here's a little peek at the new paint on the walls and trim. I like the clock better in here than in the den although it may make one more move to the entry way when I am finished painting in there. Or it may end up staying in here but I will wait and see where it looks better once the walls in the entry way are painted - we shall see. More musical furniture. =)

If you are looking to purchase some Annie Sloan chalk paint I highly recommend ordering it through Karla at Lady Butterbug. She has been such a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to ordering some more colors once I find some furniture pieces for the dining room and entryway! 

Have a fabulous week! I plan on being back tomorrow with lots of photos of the progress we've made so far on the kitchen.


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