This room will be far the most boring transformation of all the decorated rooms I show you in our new house because we changed by far the least in here. Well, at least for now. Eventually we may be making some bigger changes in here but we haven't decided yet.  And it's probably the least my style, but it is a cozy little room! 

Although we are slowly making our way through the house painting all of the trim (London Fog in the kitchen/family room and Simply White throughout the rest of the house) we haven't decided for sure yet what we are going to do in this room. We are going to save it for last and at that point decide if we want to leave it dark in here for a more colonial feel (which along with being fitting for where we live it also makes me think of New England) or if it sticks out like a sore thumb being different from the rest of the house and needs to be painted. Seeing how it will probably be quite a while before I get the trim throughout the rest of the house painted it will definitely be looking this way for a long time so I figured I would show it to you now. We did paint the walls - they were a pale not so attractive salmon color so Lillie and I painted them Soft Chamois by Benjamin Moore. And we haven't purchased anything yet for this room except the draperies panel which are from IKEA. We just used the furniture and accessories we had which is why there are still empty shelves and things are a bit randomly placed in the shelves that do have things.

I need to hang some pictures on the walls and I plan on making some new plaid pillows in the next couple of months that will give it an even more cozy feel for fall and winter and eventually putting a piano in here on the back wall behind the sofa (I've been been keeping my eye out on craigslist when I think of it but we aren't in any hurry for one - that's more of just a someday kind of thing).

I really like how the wingback chairs look in here but as much as I loved our sofa at our last two homes I don't love as much how it looks here. I think it would be so pretty to have maybe a linen colored tufted sofa in here or maybe even a Chesterfield leather one! That's just me daydreaming though. We definitely don't have any plan for purchasing anything new for in here. There are a ton of other things I'd like to change in other rooms that are years and years ahead of that on my list. =) 

I hope you all have a blessed Thursday!


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