Well, I didn't get nearly as much done this week as I planned on. Shortly after the girls and I got back from New Hampshire Jon left to go to the Dominican Republic with the basketball team for eight days. Although I was able to make a good bit of progress on finishing up details in some of the rooms downstairs and in Lillie and Lola's room that was about it and I figured as soon as he got back we would get a ton done. Well, Lola got quite sick the day before he got back and was sick all week. Needless to say, although we did gets lots of little things done, the big painting projects I envisioned didn't happen. She started finally feeling a little better last night so hopefully we will be able to start tackling some painting today! Even though I didn't get nearly as many projects done, I did get a decent amount of photo editing done so I'll be back tomorrow with some new fall placemats and then have a few more posts for the week including the progress we made in Jason's kitchen and in our family room.

 For today though here are a few pictures of my munchkin licking the spoon when we were making some chocolate peanut butter truffles while we were up in NH a few weeks ago:

And then she had some peanut butter and marshmallow crackers:

 Have a beautiful weekend!


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