In the past I have posted quite a few "people pictures" from our time in New Hampshire each summer - you can see a bunch from last year (here, here, here and here) and the year before (here) and the year before (here). This year though I barely took any. As I've been making my way through the photos I took of my parent's house and Jason's and editing them for the blog I've found a few "people pictures". 

Here is my mom and baby Everly:

I tried to get a few shots of Lillie and Lola with Everly (I did get one good one so I will show you that one tomorrow once I get it sized for the blog). Unfortunately the rest pretty much all looked like this or even worse. Haha!

Calla and Lillie playing dress-up:

 Papa teaching Lillie to roll her tongue up:

And while the girls were outside playing the last night we were there we quickly got this shot:

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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