As I mentioned a few posts ago we ended up leaving to head to NH rather suddenly a week earlier than we had been planning on so I never took any photos with my real camera with more of the projects we worked on in our family room/kitchen. I normally hate to post cell phone quality photos of the blog, but I figured I would make an exception this time seeing how it will probably be at least another week before I will be able to post any real photos of the space. These were all taken just so I could text pictures to our family as we were slowly making progress in here and therefore I didn't put any thought into the layout or angle and they are super grainy.

Here are the upper cabinets before we removed them:

I will not be posting any tutorials on how to do this. I thought it was something I could easily do myself but that was not the case. =) Our cabinets were not screwed in like we were anticipating, they were in there with some huge nails and because we didn't have the right tool my father-in-law and I got stuck mid-way through taking in down and ended up having to call in some help - haha! Once it was down this is what it looked like. (I hung two pendants my mom had passed on down to me a year or so ago that had been sitting in our garage to see if they would look okay or not and even though they were not what I originally had in mind I loved them so we had an electrician come and wire it so that I can properly hang them as soon as we get back). I took this shot a couple days before we left. Everything is all fixed up perfectly now and I will get shots of what an amazing job Fred Nice (the contractor who repaired the mess I made) did on it when I get back. You would never know there had been an upper cabinet there.

You can see a little bit of the kitchen in this shot. We will be doing the kitchen in two parts. The first part involved removing the upper cabinets and painting all of the cabinets London Fog. We also replaced the appliances and are adding a custom built hood above the stove. We are just waiting on the stove to be installed and the hood. Both of those should be ready to photograph at some point next week. Then at once we have saved up enough money we will be replacing the counter tops (we will probably be sticking with a similar color) and adding an overhang to the peninsula area so we can add some counter stools, doing a subway tile backsplash and replacing the sink with a farmhouse style one. That might be a little ways off though. We'll see how soon I can convince Jon =)...

You can see the back of our sectional from IKEA in this photo. We went with the Karlstad even though it was a bit more modern than my usual taste. I will show more photos of it as soon as we get back and I can get the legs painted. And I am still deciding on which sconces to go with to replace those teeny tiny on either side of the fireplace. I hung some drapery panels on the window above the sofa but it's hard to tell from this picture. There are more things we are planning on changing up in here but for now this is where we are at.

That's it for tonight! I hope you all are having a lovely week!


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