Yesterday I showed you the downstairs "before" shots of our new home and tonight I will show you the "before" shots of the upstairs. There are four bedroom upstairs. Here is the master:

We will be painting the trim Simply White and then painting the walls. I'm still not sure color or direction I want to go in here yet. I keep changing my mind back and forth. We are going to get the downstairs finished first though and Lillie and Lola's room so it will be a little while before I have to make any decisions in here. 

Jon and I each have our own closet! They aren't walk in ones but still it's much more closet space than we had in our townhome!

I am thinking about doing some kind of seating on this wall but I'm not sure.

And here is the master bathroom. Most of the rooms we will just be making cosmetic changes but in this room we will be doing a total gut job and moving the wall back four feet into one of the extra bedrooms so that we can add a tub and also considerably expand the shower. We won't be doing that, though, until the winter. We will be focusing on the rest of the house first.

Here is Lillie and Lola's room. We will be papering this back wall and putting their beds up against it. (You can see the wallpaper and color inspiration here).

 We are going to be painting the trim Simply White and the walls Glass Slipper.

And here is the girls bathroom. Lots of updating to do in here!

This will be the main guest bedroom. I have some ideas for this room and think I am going to use this photo as inspiration. However, seeing how we won't be attacking the upstairs until the downstairs is done I may change my mind.

And here is the fourth bedroom that will also act as a guest bedroom but also as an office too. Lillie can't understand why I want to take down the "house wallpaper". She LOVES it. =) We are so excited to have so much extra room for our family when they all come to visit. In fact, my sister, Dana and my cousins Sarah and Lauren are all here right now!

 And one of our absolute favorite spaces in the whole house is this large extra room that we are using a playroom:

It's kind of hard to tell in this picture but there are three different colors of trim - blue, cream and a wood stain. I think it's going to take me years to get all the trim in this house painted...

I hope you all have a blessed evening! From here on out the photos I show you of our new house will have furniture in them!


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