I am so excited to show you the guest bedroom at my parent's new house! I am in love with how it turned out. My mom did a fabulous job in here. She did pretty much everything in here herself. The only things I helped with were the rug and pillows. Although this technically is the guest bedroom, Lillie and Lola seem to have laid claim to it and I am pretty sure they think it is their bedroom.  (The beds do normally have guard rails on them to keep the girls from falling out. However, I took them down when I took these photos and set them out in the hall seeing how this is how the guest room looks most of the time - just not when we are visiting.) 

I also am completely in LOVE with the dresser. My mom hunted and hunted for the perfect piece to go between the beds and just recently found this dresser up in Wilton, NH at White Home Collection. I love everything about it - especially the color. I cannot wait to get back home and paint something either in our new dining room or our new master bedroom in this color! Well, I don't know what this exact color is called, but I am going to do my best to find a similar paint color that I can use.  

I have always loved these beds. One belonged to Lillie and Lola's great-great-grandmother, Dorothy, and the other one belonged to her sister, their great-great-great-aunt. I slept in one of them my entire childhood and Dana slept in the other one (and eventually as we got older they both ended up in my room). I know some furniture can get pretty banged up over the years but these have held up beautifully and are still gorgeous pieces!

The wall color is Benjamin Moore's Pebble Beach. If you think it looks a little familiar it is because this was the color we used in our guest bedroom at our last house and also the same color Jamie and Josh used in their guest bedroom. I think it's safe to say our family is a big fan of Pebble Beach - haha! It is one of those pretty colors that looks gray in some lighting and pale blue in others. The draperies are from Ikea and the rods are from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The pieces above the bed are from Pier 1.

My mom had everything together but was just waiting for the final touch. She'd been looking for a rug to finish the room up and give it some warmth. She watched the girls one evening last week and I took a little trip "into town" to see if I could find anything for her. As far as places to shop go, their options are very limited up here so I ended up at Target. While running through the home decor section to get to the rugs I saw these pillows:

And then these:

I liked the traditional feel of the first ones and loved the modern pop of the second ones. Plus I loved the idea of pulling out the color of the dresser in the pillow. I figured I would get them both and see which looked better and return the other ones. Well, we ended up loving both of them though so they both stayed.

After putting those in my cart I finally made it over to the rugs. At first I didn't see anything but then noticed this one. I was afraid it would be a bit too modern and busy for my mom but I knew the color would be perfect so I figured it was worth a shot. The trellis pillows and the rug ended up adding a nice little modern twist to an otherwise very traditional room. And although I love a traditional room, I think it's fun to add a bit of a pop to it either with an unexpected color or bold print of some kind.

Over in this little corner they have another dresser (this one used to be Dana's growing up) and a beautiful mirror.

I tried to get a better shot of the miror without getting myself in the picture but didn't have much luck.

The entire time I was taking close-up shots of this room Lola was snuggled up on the floor. She was quite enthralled that first day or two with the "comfy new rug".  It took a bit of convincing but eventually I was able to get some shots of the room without her in it. The first bunch I took all look like this:

However, I was finally able to get a couple close-up shots of her while she was sitting there so I can't complain. I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!


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