We have gotten a ton of packing done the last few days which is nice but that means our house is an absolute wreck so I didn't bother to do any fun Fourth of July styling for these photos. I just quickly took a few pictures so that we could get them listed in the shop. I started working on a God Bless America chalkboard too, but haven't finished it and am not sure I will. At the rate I'm going that may have to wait until next summer...

We have this chalkboard print available in the 8 by 10 size shown above, and the 11 by 14 size shown below:

And then we have the 24 by 36 download available as well:

Also I thought I would share with you an e-mail I got from one of our readers named Rachel. She told me she had used a photo of Lillie as inspiration for a painting she did and attached a photo of it. When I opened the attachment I saw this beautiful painting of one of my favorite photos (you can see the photo here). Isn't she talented?
Well, I'd better get back to packing. Just two and a half weeks to go!


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